Porto, Portugal
1st – 7th Aug 2019

Why we think its ace:


6 DAYS of classes

Limited to under 20 spots in the class

Local city experiences and studio tours

One-on-one coaching sessions with Frankie daily

Epic travel experience with new design friends

Make global design connections

Private intros to your favourite studios



What you’ll be doing:


20 job options and why you’d be good at them

Hardcore industry research

Resume hacks and how to fill your empty resume

Full 2 days on making your portfolio as sexy as possible

Optional extra briefs to mix up your folio

Getting a professional head shot

Building your own website from scratch

Developing your personal brand

Managing your work instagram like a boss

Reaching out to dream jobs while you are at the bootcamp

What it includes:

All classes (lectures, classes, one-on-one sessions), 6 nights accommodation (based on share, single sex), all taxes, meals (breakfast x6, dinner x5), WIFI, working space for classes.



Airfares and transfers, travel insurance, lunches

Nearest major airport: Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (Porto Airport) Code OPO


Cost: $1325 USD / $1850 AUD

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Got questions?

Frequently Asked Questions:


Can you please tell me what the deadline is for applying?

It's first in best dressed. We had 184 applications for 20 Bali spots, and we already have 56 applications for these 20 spots. You must apply via the link above, then if you are selected we do an interview. If you're successful we send you the payment link. It's not until your deposit has gone in that you get a place officially.


Worried you're not a good fit?

Head over to TDKbootcamps.org/about to read more about the type of people we have attending. We can iron out any issues you're worrying about in the interview, we will not accept you if we think it is a bad fit for both of us.


Can you give me an idea how the day to day program looks like?  

Day 1 we start at lunchtime with welcome drinks, a lecture from The Design Kids founder, intros, Show and Tell of your current work and situation (very chill!) and group dinner. Day 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are all classes for 4 hours each morning, and studio time in the afternoon to work on what you just learnt, including one-on-ones with Frankie, mini tasks and individual study. You'll be covering 20 job options and why you’d be good at them, hardcore industry research, resume hacks and how to fill your empty resume, full 2 days on making your portfolio as sexy as possible, optional extra briefs to mix up your folio, getting a professional head shot, building your own website from scratch, developing your personal brand, managing your work instagram like a boss, reaching out to dream jobs while you are at the bootcamp. We also have a afternoon/evening trip mid week to take a break, and a presentation on the last night of all your new shiny careers. Day 7 we have a communal breakfast, a 2 hour class about money and we check out at lunchtime.

Applications now open:
Portugal August 2019

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